Sales & Shipping
How can I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order for a full refund anytime before your order ships. To do this, please contact our support team at Provide them with your order number and a cancellation request. They will expeditiously process your cancellation.
When will pre-orders ship?
The Dashtop 4G version will ship in the US in spring 2017.
The Dashtop Wifi for the U.S and the Dashtop 4G version for other countries will be shipped in summer 2017.
What is the shipping cost?
For customers in US, there are no shipping costs. Outside of US, the shipping and handling fee is $30 per unit.
How does Roav protect my information?
Details from the Roav Privacy Policy can be found here - Privacy Policy
Product Specification
In which countries can I use Roav Dashtop 4G?
The Roav Dashtop 4G can be used in the USA and Canada.
Roav Dashtop WiFi can be used in the USA, Canada and UK.
What cars can I use Roav Dashtop in?
Any car that has at least 4 inches of height clearance between the dashboard and windshield angle (Refer to the diagram on the Tech Specs page) can use Roav Dashtop in.
Does Roav Dashtop use my phone data?
The Roav Dashtop 4G does not require the phone to work and uses no additional phone data beyond calls and texts. Streaming music uses the streaming service and data from your phone.
The Roav Dashtop Wifi uses the hotpsot from your phone to connect to the internet.
How is Roav Dashtop powered?
Roav Dashtop is powered through your car's OBDII port. This port comes standard in cars released after 1996. Not sure if you have an OBDII port? Click here to find out.
Does Roav Dashtop come with built-in memory? Can I add more memory?
Yes, Roav Dashtop comes with 32GB of memory.
No, you cannot add more memory.
How can I update the software on the Roav Dashtop?
You can apply over the air updates or apply updates through the Roav mobile app.
How do I control Roav Dashtop while driving?
You can control with Roav Dashtop with voice command or the glance-free controller. You can also use the mobile companion App. (It supports on Android & iOS.)
Is Roav Dashtop compatipble with the hands-free driving laws in my state?
Roav Dashtop is hands-free and takes up a 5-inch area of windshield space.
Can I receive phone message or notifications through the Dashtop?
Yes, you can receive message or notifications after connecting the Dashtop to your phone with Bluetooth. You can choose to display messages, hear them aloud, or have them hidden.
Can I use Roav Dashtop to make calls?
Yes, you can make a call after connecting the Dashtop to your phone with Bluetooth.
Does Roav Dashtop support offline maps?
Yes, Roav Dashtop will support offline mapping and turn by turn navigation. Local maps will be pre-installed to your device before it ships. We offer live traffic navigation in over 50 countries and offline maps for more than 200 countries.
Can I get real-time traffic updates?
Yes. Roav Dashtop has partnered with Here maps to provide live traffic updates and route suggestions.
Can I save my navigation history?
Yes. Roav Dashtop stores Recent and Favorite destinations lists.
I'm a developer. Can I get the Roav SDK and APIs?
We're currently partnering with developers on a one-by-one basis. Please contact us at .