State of the Art
in Automotive Technology
Standalone 4G
Standalone 4G
Good enough was never our goal, which is why Roav developed innovative features, like outfitting our dashtop with a standalone 4G LTE connection. It has the ability to independently connect to the internet, so you don’t need to bring your phone along whenever you decide to hit the road. Just turn it on and you’re ready to go.
Connected Car System
Improve every trip with a smart driving system of interconnected gadgets. Linked together through Wifi connectivity, this collection of expandable modular devices stay in constant communication to give you insight like you’ve never seen before. From real-time traffic notifications to upcoming blind spot sensors, these seamless and convenient upgrades make modernizing any car easier than you think.
Driving Assistant
Say hello to your new voice-activated driving assistant. Just say a command out loud and Roav will take care of it. Competing with ambient sounds won’t be an issue either, because we’ve added dual, noise-cancelling microphones that hone in on your voice and filters out the rest. It’s especially handy when you’re trying to pronounce that trendy new Ethiopian restaurant that just opened. And since accuracy is key, our dashtop’s ability to recognize up to 95% of what you say helps ensure there’s no miscommunication.
Roav Store
Roav comes pre-installed with the most essential driving apps—but it doesn't stop there. We're helping third-party developers build exciting new apps for our platform. The possibilities are endless when top app designers partner with Roav.
Built for driving,
attention to details
Intuitive Glance-Free Controller
We’re putting control back in your hands with an ergonomically designed eyes-free controller. Its strategic placement on the steering wheel allows you to keep your focus where it needs to be, while the home and back button cuts down on clicks. That makes performing tasks like scrolling through your dashtop apps feel more natural and easy to do.
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Being heard is important, but so is being understood. That’s why we put a lot of care into equipping our dashtop with the power of Nuance™ software. Now you have over a million points of interest at your disposal, delivering optimized search results based on your location and personalized in-vehicle usage.
A Trustworthy Partner
With a renowned brand name in our corner, Roav is proud to have Anker as our parent company. Built on a reputation of quality among 20 million customers in over 50 countries, Anker is one of the driving forces behind our innovative thinking.